Visiting rules

Please kindly note that all objects present the collective images.

The present rules are aimed at ensuring order and safety when visiting the museum, improving visitor service and are the subject to mandatory and unconditional compliance by all persons on the territory of the museum complex. The museum complex includes a car park, entrance and exit area, a cloakroom, the access corridors, stairs, a wheelchair lifting platform, the exhibition hall, restrooms, a cafe, a conference room.

Visiting with baby strollers and carrying cradles

For a comfortable visit with baby strollers and carrying cradles, the time spent in the museum complex is allocated (except for holidays (non-working) days and school holidays): • Tuesday from 10:00 to 11:00 • Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00 On the specified days and hours (except holidays (non-working) days and school holidays), the museum complex has the least number of visitors. It is forbidden to pass with baby strollers and carrying cradles at other times. We recommend using your own sling. The museum complex is equipped with a special place for parking strollers.

Visitors are obliged to take good care of the facilities of the museum complex, as they are private property, to keep clean, to respect public order and meet the requirements of the Rules:

  1. To meet the requirements of Museum employees
  2. To enter the museum complex using the “ENTRANCE” door, and leave the complex using the “EXIT” door.
  3. To go through the turnstile presenting the ticket at the ticket control, which gives the right to attend the museum. Tickets only give the right to a single entry to the museum on the day of their purchase (exception: season tickets, tickets with a limited validity).
  4. Non-automatic ticket control is for the visitors with limited mobility only.
  5. To keep the ticket until the end of your visit (till the end of the time spent in the complex), to present it at the request of the administration.
  6. In case of smoke or fire, as well as situations that may affect the safety of the visitors or the museum complex, immediately notify the staff of the complex.
  7. Should you find neglected belongings and objects, do not take independent actions to move them and immediately inform the staff of the complex about this.
  8. It is necessary to hold on the handrail when using the stairs, not to hang over the handrail, to hold young children by the hand or in arms and to watch the behavior on the stairs.
  9. Children under 14 years old visit the museum if only accompanied by adults.
  10. Pre-reservation is necessary for the group visits.
  11. Pre- reservation for the group visit can be made by phone: + 7 812 495-54-65 from 10.00 till 18.30.
  12. Group of children and school groups without the pre- reservation are accepted as follows:
    • there is the technical ability to accept the group;
    • the group must count- at least 1 adult person for every 3 children (persons under 14 years of age). Should the group fails to have the required number of adults, a visit to the museum for this group is limited to one hour and is possible only if accompanied by a museum employee. Should one disagree with the terms, the group may be refused to visit the museum.
  13. Parents and accompanying adults should explain the admission rules to the children and are responsible for the observance.

Visitors are prohibited:

  1. To go through in the outdoor clothes.
  2. To carry oversized bags, suitcases, backpacks and other things through the turnstile. These items must be left in the cloakroom. At the discretion of museum staff, the hand luggage (bags, backpacks, etc.) must be left in the luggage lockers. Hand luggage, in order to avoid damage to the layout and (or) injury to other visitors, may be carried in hands. Backpacks and bags may be worn at the back at the discretion of museum employees.
  3. To enter the museum with baby strollers/prams. The museum complex has the parking lot for the baby strollers/prams.
  4. To enter the museum with baby carrier backpacks and other devices excluding the child from being in the arms of parents.
  5. To be without shoes and clothes when in the museum complex.
  6. To carry children's toys, balloons, flowers, branches, umbrellas of all sizes and other items at the discretion of the museum employees.
  7. To go through the turnstile gate without a ticket.
  8. To penetrate unauthorized to the office and industrial premises.
  9. To enter with food and drinks, as well as with bags and clothing items that may soil visitors, premises and layout devices.
  10. To drink any beverages brought with you (alcoholic and nonalcoholic), to enter the museum complex drunkenly or under drug or toxic intoxication.
  11. To carry fireworks, flammable, poisonous, toxic substances, objects and liquids, household gas cylinders.
  12. To use any open flame, pyrotechnics (fireworks, crackers, etc.)
  13. To carry firearms, piercing, cutting, and fragile objects.
  14. To enter with animals of any size.
  15. To smoke in the museum, in the territory of the museum (including the electronic cigarettes).
  16. To damage any object and equipment of the museum complex, to penetrate into the under-the -layout area.
  17. To touch the layout in any way, namely with hands, to put any objects on the surface of the layout, to tear off figurines, trees and other stationary and moving objects.
  18. To put children at a rail fence.
  19. To litter and pollute the premises and territory of the museum complex.
  20. To draw any inscriptions in the corridors and hall of the museum.
  21. To run in the museum complex.
  22. To fight, abuse the employees and other visitors of the museum.
  23. To move around using the roller boards and skates, scooters, bicycles and the sports equipment of this kind, as well the roller shoes.
  24. To listen to the audio equipment using the loudspeakers, sound amplifiers, and play musical instruments.
  25. To use the premises of the museum in the commercial, advertising and other activities without the written permission from the administration.
  26. To conduct any activities addressed to the wider public.
  27. To use the lifting platform (except for the wheelchairs, accompanied by the museum personnel) and the toilet room for the people with disabilities (except for the people with disabilities).
  28. To be in the museum complex after the working hours.
  29. To carry and use the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in the museum complex and on the territory of the museum.

Visitors are entitled:

  1. To visit the museum premises intended for visiting, during the working hours of the museum.
  2. To use photo and video equipment for amateur filming.
  3. To visit a cafe, a souvenir shop, the information desk, a game zone "Locodrome".
  4. To use the handrails and steps for a more comfortable view without hanging over the layout.
  5. To view the layout, take photo and video from the fence of the layout.

To avoid accidents, when visiting a museum, be careful and consider the following:

  1. The height of the doorway and other areas.
  2. Your physical abilities when going up and down the observation steps.
  3. The dimming periodically occurs in the hall, which imitates the nightfall.
  4. The exposition is equipped with powerful sound and light effects.
  5. The wet cleaning is constantly carried out in the hall.

The administration reserves the right to:

  1. To change the working hours of the museum complex.
  2. To use photo- and video materials shot in the museum (including photos and videos with visitors), including without limitation the commercial purposes.
  3. To allow professional photo and video filming.
  4. To organize excursion activities in the museum complex. The guided tours are only allowed if run by the museum`s employee or by the guides from travel agency or any other organization that has the written agreements with the administration of the museum complex.
  5. In order to ensure security, the Security Service shall have the right to check visitors using metal detectors. Should the visitor refuses from the inspection, the administration reserves the right to deny the access to the museum.
  6. The administration shall have the right to perform the video recording of the territory and premises of the museum complex in order to ensure safety.
  7. The administration of the museum shall have the right to regulate the number of visitors and terminate the access to the museum complex.
  8. The administration of the museum shall have the right to refuse admission to any person without explanation.
  9. The museum administration shall have the right to amend the content of the layout: the representation and content of the genre scenes, the movement of cars and trains, color of the landscape, etc.

Purchase and return of the tickets:

  1. The visitor can purchase tickets at the museum's ticket offices, ticket terminals located in the entrance hall of the museum, at the museum’s website using the online sales service, as well as from the third-party supplier with whom the museum has the agreement on ticket sales.
  2. Reduced –fare tickets can be purchased at the ticket –offices at the museum only upon the presentation of the relevant document confirming the right for the reduced –fare tickets.
  3. The return of an unused ticket purchased at the ticket-office of the museum or at the ticket terminals located on the territory of the museum is possible no later than the date of the visit indicated on the ticket. Unused tickets can be returned for 100 (One hundred) % of the cost.
  4. The return of the electronic ticket booked and paid on the website is possible no later than 1 (one) day before the date of the museum visit. The museum refunds 100 (one hundred) % of the ticket cost.
  5. It is not possible to return tickets purchased from the third-party supplier at the ticket- office of the museum. The purchase and return of the tickets from the third-party supplier is governed by the rules of the third-party supplier.

In case of violation of the rules, employees of the museum complex “Grand Maket Rossiya” shall have the right to apply measures aimed to ensure safety and comfortable stay of visitors – to remove the disturber from the museum complex or demand a penalty.

The penalty for loss or/and damage of the cloakroom tag is 200 Rubles.

The purchase of the ticket is the conclusion of the agreement, according to which the visitor automatically agrees to comply with all of the rules above.