Audioguides and binoculars

The museum offers rental of audio guides, binoculars and monoculars.
You can also download a mobile audio guide izi.TRAVEL by the link.

Audio guides are available in Russian, English and German.
The cost of renting an audioguide is 300 rubles + a deposit of 500 rubles. For convenience, all texts are conditionally divided into three main groups:

  • About the construction of the layout - for those who want to know the details of the construction of the largest layout in Russia.
  • Historical and geographical information - for those who want to know the history of the regions represented on the layout and their geographical features.
  • Interesting facts - for those who want to broaden their horizons and learn something new about Russia.
Special binoculars with a unique focal length of 50 cm.

Thanks to the mechanism of mechanical compensation of the displacement of the image field of the right and left monoculars, a unique short observation distance with binoculars is provided - only 50 cm!

Visitors who need to see the entire layout and at the same time consider the details will appreciate the equally excellent sharpness and minimal distortion of the image both in the center and along the edges of the image.
Monocular with variable magnification from 10-25x. gives a clear, contrasting picture, without distortion at the edges. The most important thing is that the near focus point is only 50 cm.

The cost of renting binoculars or monoculars is 250 rubles + a deposit of 500 rubles.