Admission rules

These rules are aimed for maintaining the safety and security when visiting the museum, for improving visitor services and mandatory unconditional compliance by all persons on the territory of the museum complex. The territory of the museum complex includes parking, a lobby with area in front of it, dressing area, the corridors, stairs, lift for disabled people, the exhibition hall, restrooms, a restaurant, a conference room.

Visitors should protect structures and facilities of the museum complex, as they are private property, maintain its cleanness, public order and the requirements of this Regulation:

  1. Enter the museum complex through the door "Entry", and leave the complex through the door of "Exit".
  2. Pass through the turnstile showing the ticket at the check point, giving the right to attend the museum. Re-entry by the same ticket is not possible.
  3. Non-automatic check point is for all visitors with limited mobility.
  4. Keep the ticket until the end of visiting the exhibition (to the end of its time in the complex), to present it at the request of the administration.
  5. Fulfill the requirements of the museum staff.
  6. In case of smoke or fire, as well as situations that may affect the safety of visitors and museum complex, immediately notify the staff of the complex.
  7. In case of neglected things and objects, immediately inform the museum staff and do not make a single attempt to remove them.
  8. When using stairway do not hang on the rail, do not outweighed over the rail, keep small children by the hand or on the hands and watch their behavior on the stairway.
  9. Adults should accompany the children under 14.
  10. As a part of each group (either children or school organized group under 14 years), there must bу not less than 1 adult for 3 children. Parents and the accompanying need to explain the rules for children before the visit and should be responsible for compliance.

Visitors are prohibited to:

  1. Get through in street clothes, hats, sunglasses.
  2. Take off sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts in the museum hall and carry them in their hands, on the bags or tie on themselves.
  3. Get through with backpacks of all sizes, large bags (the staff determines the size).
  4. Pass with strollers. The museum complex is equipped with a special place for park strollers.
  5. Pass with carrier cradles and other devices when the child is out of parents` hands.
  6. Walk and stay without shoes and clothes.
  7. Carry toys, balloons, flowers, branches, umbrellas of all sizes and other items at the discretion of museum staff.
  8. Pass through the turnstile without a ticket.
  9. Enter the office and industrial premises illegally.
  10. Enter with food and drinks, as well as bags and clothes that can stain the visitors, buildings and equipment of the layout.
  11. Drink any beverage brought with them (alcoholic and nonalcoholic), enter the museum complex being drunk or under drug or other intoxication.
  12. Carry fireworks, flammable, poisonous, toxic substances, objects and liquids, household gas cylinders.
  13. Use any open flame, pyrotechnics (fireworks, firecrackers, etc.)
  14. Carry firearms, cold steel, stabbing, cutting and fragile objects.
  15. Carry any animals of all sizes.
  16. Smoke inside the museum, and at the museum's area.
  17. Touch the layout with your hands and put any items on it.
  18. Damage the layout; tear the action figures, trees and other stationary and moving objects.
  19. Penetrate into the area under the layout.
  20. Put children at a rail fence to sit on the stairs.
  21. Damage any facility and equipment of the museum complex.
  22. Litter and dirty the area and the territory of the museum complex.
  23. Write any signs in the corridors and the hall of the museum.
  24. Run in the room of the museum complex.
  25. Fight, abuse the workers and other visitors of the layout.
  26. Skateboard, skate, ride the scooters, bicycles and all similar sports facilities and roller shoes.
  27. Listen to any audio using the loudspeakers, use the amplifiers and play the musical instruments.
  28. Use the area of the museum, without the written permission of the administration to engage in commercial, advertising and other activities.
  29. Perform any campaign activities, addressed to the public.
  30. Use the toilet for disabled people (other than wheelchair users).
  31. Use the lift platform (except wheelchair, accompanied by the museum staff).
  32. Be in the museum complex after the closing time.
  33. Inspection of the layout, photo and video recording is only within the enclosure.

Visitors are entitled to:

  1. Be in all areas of the museum complex, intended to visit without a time limit of stay.
  2. Use photo-and video equipment.
  3. Use the rented audio guides, binoculars.
  4. Use the restaurant, shop.
  5. Use handrails and steps for easier inspection, not hanging over the layout.

To avoid accidents when visiting the museum must be careful to consider that:

  1. The hall is periodically dimming imitating nightfall.
  2. The exposition has a powerful sound and light effects.
  3. The wet cleaning is constantly carried out in the area.
  4. Being at the exposition with of children on your shoulders consider the height of doorways and other openings.
  5. When using steps consider your physical abilities to lift and descent.

The administration reserves the right to:

  1. Change the working hours of the museum complex.
  2. To use photo- and video materials shot in the museum (including photos and videos with visitors), including without limitation the commercial purposes.
  3. Allow professional photo and video.
  4. Organize sightseeing activities in the museum complex. Guided tours are only allowed with museum`s guide or travel agencies` guides or other organizations that have concluded agreements with the administration of the museum complex.
  5. In order to provide security, the security service may check visitors with metal detectors. In the case of visitor`s refusal of checking, the administration reserves the right to deny the visitor`s access to the museum.
  6. Administration has the right to perform the video recording of the territory and premises of the museum complex in order to ensure safety.
  7. The administration reserves the right to regulate the number of visitors, stop the access to the museum complex.
  8. The administration reserves the right to deny access of any person without giving a reason.
  9. Museum administration reserves the right to change the content of the layout: occupancy and plot of scenes, the movement of cars and trains, color of the landscape, etc.

In case of violation of the rule, the staff of the museum complex "Grand Maket Rossiya" has the right to apply the sanctions to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors - to remove the violator from the museum complex, or exact the fine:

For loss and damage of cloakroom`s tags the fine is charged 200 rubles.

Buying a ticket means the conclusion of the contract, according to which the visitor automatically agrees to follow all these rules.